Vegie Tourists

There is something going on in Panania. Right under everyone’s noses, the most magnificent things are growing. Here are some pictures taken on the walk mapped out below. It was only a short walk through a small part of the area. There must be plenty more to find. Why not go exploring and see what you can spot?AdventureMap2016.01.03


Down the side of a lawn, in an unassuming garden bed, what can you see growing? Is that a little citrus tree at the back? Are those pumpkins sprawling along the ground? Then at the front there’s fennel and sweet potatoes.

220 Tower St.


The leaves, roots and flowers of those dandelions in the grass are all edible. Did you know that the succulent with the pink flowers (baby sunrose) is also edible too?

Spot the edibles, Cnr Tower and Sherlock.


Sticking up over a fence, what can you see? Lucky kookaburras don’t like fruit.

Fruit and Kookaburra, 20 Sherlock Ave.


An olive tree, out on the verge.

Olive, 27 Peffer St.


A tyre filled with soil. Is this the start of a verge garden?

Is this the start of a Peffer St verge garden



Passionfruit, 19 Peffer St.


Better not try taking any figs while that owl is watching.

Own guarding figs, land between Peffer  and Tower Sts


Bananas and chokos.

Bananas and choko, lane between Peffer and Tower Sts


Grapes that didn’t want to stay hidden behind the fence.

Grapes between Peffer and Tower Sts


Copying the plants.

Bananas and solar, Tower St.


A spider does a good job of taking care of this garden.

Thriving without interference, Corner of Tower and Hinemoa St.


What will these lovely things ripen into?

Grapefruit and unknown herbs, 2 Hinemoa St


Front yard cucumbers.

Cucumbers, 2 Hinemoa St.


Chillies liking the shade of a banana tree.

Chillies, 2 Hinemoa St.


This garden has so much going on. Is there a better front yard edible garden in Panania?

2 Hinemoa cropped


Lilly pilly hedge.

LillyPilly, 2 Hinemoa St.


Backyard oranges.

Oranges, corner of Peffer St and Western St


Yes, a little forest of weeds. But they are prettier than concrete AND they make oxygen.

Anderson Ave 'weeds'


Not even a weed forest can make as much oxygen as these beauties, and they smell better.

Giants, Anderson Ave.


Bananas out the front.

Bananas, 21 Anderson Ave


A cute little pond.

Pond, 21 Anderson Ave.


More shade and oxygen.

3 Anderson Ave shade and oxygen


Waist-high lawn – just asking to be replaced by vegies?

No mowing here, 10 Anderson Ave


Yep, prickly pear is a weed, but you can eat it – the fruits and the pads.

Prickly Pear, 131 Horsley Road


By the sound of it, these trees, all on one narrow block, are home to most of the birds in Panania.

Chirping trees, Wilson St.


A tiny yard still had room for grapes.

Grapevine, 1B Wilson St.


More lilly pillys

LillyPilly  16 Wilson St


An impressive lotus.

Lotus, 4 Wilson St.


This verge is ruled by ironbarks.

Marco Ave Ironbarks


Tiny gardens between hexagon pavers.

Moss between hexagons 212 Marco Ave


Not an edible tree, but still interesting.

Jacaranda eye, Marco Ave.JPG


Lots of things hiding in this front yard.

Tomatoes, 216 Marco Ave


Figs in a warm front yard.

Figs 216 Marco Ave



Berries, 216 Marco Ave


Nicely supported dragon fruit.

DragonFruit 216 Marco Ave


Citrus on the verge.

Verge Citrus, 224 Marco Ave2


Pretty pomegranates in this front yard.

Pomegranite, 224 Marco Ave



Amaranth 224 Marco Ave


More verge olives.

Verge olives 15 Sandra Ave


Dragon fruit peeping over the fence.

DragonFruit peeping over fence in Sandra Ave.


A tiny vertical garden.

Lichen on power pole, Sandra Ave

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