30 Days/30 Meals – struggle town



I won’t lie, today’s meal was hard.  All this thinking about what I eat, is quite a challenge!

My body (actually, that’s not true) my mind is craving more than salad and fermented veg. The only heavy type vegie that we have, that we grew was the butternut pumpkin.  It is officially one year old this pumpkin and the last of our pumpkins for summer 2015/2016.  I think that’s really awesome that we have survived a year buying no pumpkins…even through pumpkin soup season!

Ingredients: kale, roasted pumpkin, fermented cucumber, non fermented cucumber (will explain later) heirloom white carrot, cherry tomatoes and fermented pesto (kefir added).

I popped the lid off the fermented cucumbers and they were, as suspected a bit soggy, so that’s why I cut up a normal cucumber. I was a bit disappointed but by the end of the meal, it didn’t bother me…the salt and garlic cushioned the blow!

What did bother me, was another meal with kale! I have found out that the best way to eat it (for me) is lightly simmered.  It’s quite nice – it’s just the mental hurdle of having it 3 days in a row.  I’m eating the oldest veg first, of course and so I still have a few more meals with kale yet 😉

I wasn’t real happy with the pesto last night but the fermentation overnight has helped the flavours and now I quite like it. If you’d like to try some, let me know your favourite flavours ie chilli, garlic, nuts, cheese etc and I will make you up some or you can try some of the batches I made last night. Heating the pesto kills the probiotics in the pesto so it needs to be put straight on top your spaghetti or bikkie, whatever you prefer.

The kefir now has separated into curds and whey and so I will turn it into a cheese later tonight by pouring the contents into a muslin cloth and letting it sit over a strainer and squeezing every now and then.  Meanwhile after I’ve done some farm tidying up I will later consult some of the fermenting recipe books for some more ideas.

Please feel free to send me some recipes or ideas or place a photo on instagram #struggletown…












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