The Glenfield Girls

The permanent members of the Glenfield Girls are Leonie, Gabby, Jenna, Khali, Rhonda, Rhonda’s chooks and extended family and neighbours.

This is the only “before” photo I have…of Glenfield front yard…sorry about the head chop, Leonie 😦
First vegie beds at Glenfield were cardboard, grass clippings and some terrible soil from a landscape supply company…but terrible bought soil is a whole other blog!


January 2016

Here is a photo of last summer.  There was the palm (the bain of our edible garden existence) and an olive tree that was blown down in a storm just over a year ago.  The Glenfield Girls’ properties back onto crown land that is so peaceful and bushy it’s hard to believe you’re in Sydney. I love it.

February 2017

Fast forward a year and the seeds from the compost have taken over here.  I always question how there is hunger when pumpkin seeds turn into pumpkins that can feed a family for a whole year (well ours did).  We did have a successful grosse lisse crop here this year but only due to netting.  Here you can see a butternut pumpkin that has decided it wants to be a rose and a geranium and climbed into bed with them.  We have a sweet potato that has taken over the “lettuce greens” and we are hoping for an abundant supply of sweet potato as it’s growing in Panania, Glenfield and Bankstown. I think this is what they call nature.

And still the lorikeets get under the net!  Two separate nets – tricky photo!

The palm stumps of the long forgotten bain, provide a little seat/shelf and we are still working to bring the soil back where the palm stood all those years. The cut up palm trunk is also used as garden edging out the back. Waste not, want not!

The start of the “tromboncini” bed…cardboard, grass clippings and much-loved toys for weights!

At the end of last year, Rhonda’s husband Sam cut up Gabby’s swing set.  We were going to trellis tromboncini up the swing set with reo or wire. The tromboncini and exotic pumpkin varieties didn’t take but we did get a few large zucchinis.


No tromboncini’s.. but another feral pumpkin…we do love ferals!

We finally had one plant take off and of course it was nothing we planted. Another compost pumpkin! Rather than go to the effort of pushing it up over the swing set, we just let it go. The earth wants it to be there if it has survived the compost and competing plants and no irrigation. We started this vegie bed to solve a problem. The grass that was there prior to the pumpkin has a seasonal tap root vegetable (that someone else grew) all through the grass in Spring and Summer.  It just looked like an invasive broadleaf weed to me.  We tried our cardboard trick, with a handful of compost and grass clippings from every mow. I can’t wait to see what’s underneath the pumpkin when we pull it up. Perhaps after the pumpkin is gone we stop fighting nature and learn to live with and eat this vegie that grows through the grass like a weed!


I believe bees are on the agenda for these two fruitful neighbours. I think we need to pull out all stops to get watermelons here for all the Glenfield Girls next year.  We’ll keep you posted!

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