Lessons in Sweet Potato and love…

“Best reaction ever at Bankstown Farm today. A lady stopped to tell me how much she loves the garden. ” thank you sweetheart, bless you…from what it was to this…all this green and you know where your food comes from. God sends people like you to let the rest of us know not to give up.”…then both our eyes were leaking and we had a hug…and she got a bundle of sweet potato ☺”

A lot of people like the winter growing season because we all rest…the plants and the people slow down. People eat hearty meals, lie in bed a little longer and try not to get sick and if you’re a grower mentally try to gather strength for the upcoming growing season. We collect next year’s garden bed top ups (horse poo…so divine after a year) and we plan for the crazy growing period.

20170721_102910 - Copy

As we harvest we remember and relearn things from previous years (well us non note takers do). Last week we harvested the sweet potato from this section of Bankstown farm.  I had an idea of what I wanted to plant as a quickish crop before the crazy season.  I thought it would be an hour or so to prepare and seed the new bed but I kept finding more sweet potatoes that we had missed. WHAT I LEARNED…the best sweet potatoes grew in really loose, mainly woodchipped soil..so bizarre!  Imagine a semi-broken down pile of tree-lopper waste and that is where the best sweet potatoes grew!

As I got the beautiful aged horse poo ready for the next crop…I found this!



A sweet potato wedged hard against the crepe myrtle root.  I could not budge it!  This reminded me that the tree roots on this side of the garden are large and only shallow rooted crops can really ever go there!  Something I had forgotten on the way over.



Looks like we have found a perennial/year round tomato!  It has full sun and is still ripening and keeping it’s original size in the depths of a Sydney winter…how exciting is that!  This one is going straight to the seed bank!  I can’t wait to see what it does when the weather warms up again!



20170721_095558 - Copy


Let’s consider the “s” word when it comes to our throw away fashion industry.

20170721_095454 - Copy

My only exposure to the cotton industry was driving through South West Queensland and seeing all this white fluff by the side of the road and wondering (“what the @#$% is that”) and realising it was cotton as far as I could see.  At Bankstown farm we have 3 plants that have produced at most 15 cotton balls each.  Imagine how many you need for a single t-shirt…and we all know about the irrigation that cotton requires!  Maybe it’s time to look at hemp as a crop for our clothes.


SELF-SEEDED LETTUCE…now that’s sustainable!



We’re on the way back to warmer weather, rest up, refill and prepare your soul and your soil.




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