Be a Free Ranger


You can join us and be a Free Ranger through volunteering or creating your own Panania Free Ranger community farm.


You can volunteer with us in a variety of ways. Your time and input are valuable to us and you will love hanging out with us in the garden in a friendly and supported way.

We can help you learn how to grow healthy, thriving seedlings, what to plant, when it’s in season and how to turn your kitchen and paper waste into the best soil you can’t buy!

We have regular weekly volunteer seedling and garden maintenance days where you can help us plant, weed, water and nurture the garden. At the end of the day, you can take produce or seedlings home after sharing a cuppa and some home-made bikkies.

We have recently expanded the volunteer program to allow volunteers the opportunity to expand their knowledge and help out at our main PFR Community Farms at Bankstown, Glenfield and Panania.

Panania Free Ranger Community Farm 

Membership to create your own Panania Free Ranger Community Farm is $50.00 per year. Your membership includes:

  • volunteer farm maintenance once a month (depending on size and scale of farm)
  • 10% off gardening services (lawns, pruning, weeding)
  • 10% off produce and products at market days.

You will need to pay for seedlings and any materials required to be purchased for your farm.