At Panania Free Rangers, we want to outgrow the status quo in an inclusive and sustainable way to unite people by growing food in schools and backyards to be shared and sold.

UntitledMeet Free Ranger Jacquie (Co-Director). She was a co-owner of a Jim’s Mowing franchise then later became a single parent, casual child care worker, casual garden maintenance worker for the elderly and lifelong activist. Post social science/early childhood degree she has worked in aged and disability care. She wanted to create new and fun ways for the local community to grow their own vegetables, and started by transforming her own front yard. Jacquie is passionate about what she does, cheeky and a food advocate that believe that the freshest and best shouldn’t cost the earth.

AnnaMeet Free Ranger Free Ranger Anna (Co-Director) Anna is a chemical engineer with a PhD in reaction kinetics who works in the area of sustainable buildings, primarily creating algorithms to model building water use, greenhouse gas emissions and thermal comfort. She felt that she knew what people could be doing to create happy and sustainable communities. She couldn’t see that it was happening locally and wanted to make it happen. Anna is driven to make a difference and improve the quality of life and environment for people living in suburbia.