Convert your lawn to edibles

Did the developer who built your duplex run out of imagination when it came to the garden? PFRbeenhere

We can’t help noticing the many front yards around Panania that are entirely or almost entirely occupied by lawn and that these lawns are almost never used and hardly ever very attractive. We also notice that many people pay for these dreary lawns to be maintained. So how about turning that burdensome lawn into a productive vegie patch? Or even adding fruit and nut trees! What about a patch of flower meadow along the front fence for everyone to enjoy?

We offer a variety of services around this theme and can tailor the plantings to your money and time budgets.

We can:

  • Convert your lawn to edibles – we can replace some or all of your lawn with garden beds and mulched paths, setting you up for growing and harvesting your own food. The cost of conversions will depend on many factors, including the presence of weeds, quality of the existing soil, what you want planted and whether you require irrigation systems, but expect a figure of at least $60 per square metre.
  • Maintain your edible garden – if there are certain jobs you have trouble doing, if you want your edibles cared for while you go on holiday or even if you want someone else to do all the growing for you, ask us. Our rate for this type of work is usually $69 per worker per hour plus the cost of any plants or materials you want us to supply.
  • Farm your front yard. If you have the right kind of space (sunny, large and well-located) we would be interested in turning your front or back lawn into an urban farm. The agreement is negotiable but usually this would require you to allow us to use the space for at least three years in exchange for some of the vegies we grow (and a much more interesting garden).


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