Decluttering and recycling of unwanted vegetation or “things”

Do you find it hard to get your house really tidy because you have too much stuff? Is it hard to find what you are looking for amongst all your boxes, cupboards and drawers? Do you avoid starting new projects because you know you’d need to spend half a day sorting through stuff to find your tools and supplies before you could even start?

Or perhaps it is your garden that’s cluttered, either with overgrown bushes or bits and pieces. What about the garage or shed? Are these spaces useable or full of clutter and mess?

We know from experience how liberating it can be to get rid of all the things in your home that weigh you down and to then be able to keep things tidy because there is a place for everything. We can help you sort your mess out and help you find homes for anything that can be reused (and can even help you sell things). Or perhaps your mess is all too much to bear at the moment and you just want someone else to sort it out for you – or even just clean up one cupboard or room. For $69 per worker per hour we will go through the mess and sort things into categories. Then you can decide what to keep and we will help you get rid of anything that can be reused or recycled.

Maybe some of your ‘junk’ is something we can use – don’t be shy to ask us whether we are interested in swapping (0408 395 808,


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