About Us

Panania Free Rangers is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2016 by Jacquie Dredge and Anna Schlunke with the purpose to ‘outgrow the status quo’ in an inclusive and sustainable way. At its core, Panania Free Rangers is a small, local team with a focus on social care gardening and local food growing. Now as a Box Divvy Hub, we are increasing the number of edible gardens in the Georges River region, including local schools. Panania Free Rangers consult with schools to provide with them the gardening experience that will best suit their students. Kids love getting their hands dirty and by guiding their interests, they learn the importance of growing their own food and maintaining the school garden. The edible gardens implemented into schools aims to encourage mindfulness in a garden setting, show kindness by growing and sharing food and also creates opportunities for students to be involved in community development (such as the East Hills Harvest Festival).