What We Do

In-School Education Programs


We love working with kids in the school garden!  PFR has won hearts with kindness in our local school community and now as a not-for-profit enterprise, we pride ourselves on paying our workers above award wages and keeping costs down for schools by using recycled materials where possible and growing our own seedlings from seed collected. We do not do “hedges” or formal gardening, so please don’t ask us! We use upcycled materials for our projects where possible and teach the children the value of using what is around them. Our staff have current Working with Children and Police checks. We can do consultations to kick your school garden back off or run term programs. Examples of activities/grants we have run are:- 
  • Setting up school vegie gardens or wicking beds using organic heirloom seedlings
  • “Regen/rewilding” – Cumberland Plain regen project and tree planting
  • Harvest Festivals (2017,2019) and coming soon in 2021….competitions, eco-markets, workshops, free community yoga (see gallery)
  • Working with neuro-diverse kids and young adults in the garden and out in the community

The schools who we are currently working with or have worked with in the past are:

  • Panania Public School
  • East Hills Public School
  • Revesby South Public School
  • East Hills Girls High School

What is Social Care Gardening (seniors, mental health, disabilities)?

Social care gardening is the process in which gardening, and plants, are used to improve both physical and mental wellbeing of an individual. We have run programs such as Peaceful Planting, which incorporates gardening and meditation, seeding sessions for the community nursery, and school holiday activities in nature.

The rationale 

Humans are not separate from nature but a part of nature.  Our separation from the natural world is causing high rates of anxiety and depression.  By tending to a garden, people take on a caregiving role. They receive an increased sense of responsibility, purpose, accomplishment and this fosters positive behaviour, particularly for children with behavioural and learning difficulties. With seniors, being out in the garden can give them an opportunity to reminisce about plants and gardens that trigger happy memories.  Being outside and getting your hands in the dirt amongst nature has a general calming effect, with many people showing improved physical and mental health.